It’s not as sexy as landing Playboy as a customer. But Bunchball is moving further into enterprises with its gamification technology, which makes non-game web sites more interesting by making them game-like. Today, Bunchball is integrating gamification analytics into Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite.

Gamification is a hot trends, as various businesses seek to benefit from the same kind of engagement from users that gaming apps see. At the Enterprise 2.0 conference, Bunchball announced it has joined the Adobe Genesis partner ecosystem. Adobe will gather in-depth analytics around gamification initiatives so that it can enhance user experiences and improve audience engagement.

“The gamification space is changing as rapidly as it grows,” said Rajat Paharia, chief product officer and co-founder of San Jose, Calif.-based Bunchball. “The integration with leading analytics from Adobe adds a new way for companies to really test and maximize how they drive desired user behavior. We look forward to working closely with Adobe on broader offerings over the coming months.”

The integration will compare and overlay Adobe’s data with Bunchball’s Nitro Gamification Platform, allowing customers to make quick and meaningful decisions about their content and user engagement. The work is currently in development and will undergo beta testing soon. To date, Bunchball has managed more than 125 million users through its gamification programs and captured more than 14 billion actions. The company claims its customers have seen big improvements in metrics, including one customer who saw a 130 percent increase in page views.