PlayStation_Network_LogoSony’s game division announced today  that the PlayStation Network will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow for a full day.

As a result, the service will be down from 8am to 10pm PST on Nov. 17. According to Patrick Seybold, spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment America, users will be unable to use the PlayStation Store on their PS3s and PSPs. Account management and registration for PSN will also be down. Furthermore, sign-in from will also be disabled.

The good news? Some players will still be able to play online, so that should ease the pain a bit for some our PS3 owners.

Trophy collectors will be happy to know that those will still be working, and will update once PSN is back online.

Maintenance isn’t uncommon for online networks such as PSN and Xbox LIVE. The difference here is that in the past PSN maintenance typically lasts a few, short hours, such as the scheduled maintenance the network underwent in September of this year. Ever since Sony had a six-week outage due to a hacker attack, everyone watches Sony’s downtime closely.

We’ve contacted SCEA to ask about the extra-long downtime, and will update accordingly.