What’s in your wallet? If you’ve swapped your fuddy-duddy analog money-toting accessory for Google’s more en vogue mobile wallet then you’ve got a 15 percent off coupon to the Gap hiding inside.

Google Wallet is a mobile payment and loyalty system available to folks with NFC-enabled Android devices. The alternative payment option launched to consumers in September with limited availability, and will soon compete with Isis, the mobile payment network backed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Gap, Inc. became the latest brand to accept Google Wallet as a tender option Wednesday. The retailer, which also owns Old Navy and Banana Republic, is pre-loading its first promotion on the digital wallet so that users can pay and redeem simultaneously during checkout.

“With Google Wallet you can not only pay for your new pair of Gap jeans, but also find and redeem promotions being offered in our stores while you shop,” said Nick Sheth, senior director of global business development for Gap.

Unfortunately, the fancy tap-to-pay-and-redeem-coupon option is limited to the 65 Gap stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the rest of us, there’s still hope that the Gap, a brand hip to the social media times, will offer another juicy Facebook, Foursquare or Groupon deal.

[Image credit Thomas Hawk/Flickr]