Although the $199 Kindle Fire hybrid e-reader and tablet has captured a lot of consumer attention in the last few weeks, Apple’s iPad is still the most popular and desired tablet device across the board, especially with kids. With the holiday season coming up, the likelihood of tablet purchases is greatly increased because there are so many unique options at different prices.

But which segment of the public is most likely to actually purchase an iPad this holiday?

Marketing data firm BlueKai has determined the most likely buyers of the iPad are currently wealthy, male, video-game-playing pet owners. (The last one’s a little weird, but adorable.) Another important factor that tells you who’s buying iPads is that 46 percent of tablet-owning households earn more than $100,000 a year. Most likely the average income for tablet owners will decrease as less-expensive tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet to get more popular, but even with those factored in, we’d expect the iPad to remain the king in the tablet space for quite some time.

View the full infographic below to get a better feel for the most likely iPad buyers:


[Thumbnail cat image via Johnny Vulkan/Flickr]