VentureBeat’s weekly video show returns with a quick discussion of some of the week’s highlights in tech business.

Your hosts, Christopher Peri and Dylan Tweney, talk about Yelp’s filing for an initial public offering, news of which just dropped 30 minutes before we started filming. You can be sure we will be following up on that.  We also briefly discussed the difference between iTunes Match and Google Music services, and finally a said a few words about the history of the Xbox, which is 10 years old this week. VentureBeat published a really well-researched and well-written piece by our own Dean Takahashi. It’s a long read but it’s well worth it, as the story is full of drama and intrigue!

And at the start of our show, we also talk about an unexpected event this week: OccupySF invaded Bank of America — on the ground floor of VentureBeat’s headquarters. Once we got past the security guards and police, we took some pictures and shot some interesting photos of the protest.