Humanity's destiny among the stars apparently includes flying buildings indiscriminately landing on our heads. Suddenly, sticking around on boring ol' Earth doesn't sound so bad….

Video Blips:

• Starhawk's developers describe their painstaking hunt for "the stuff that sucks" in the upcoming third-person shooter. A likely place to start is an improved space-helmet design beyond something thumbed out of a beekeeper's catalog.

Continue after the break for the hellish ruins of Spec Ops: The Line, a sidekick spotlight with Robin's appearance in Batman: Arkham City, and a return to developer Naughty Dog's platforming roots with Jak and Daxter Collection.


• This trailer for Spec Ops: The Line plays like a delirious Sarah Connor nightmare complete with incinerated bodies and apocalyptic skyline. That flaming red eyesore on the horizon means only one thing: Sauron's gone corporate.

• Robin asks "remember me?" with a punch to the gut and a quarterstaff to the face in his downloadable content debut for Batman: Arkham City. He also confirms the theory of hooded capes exponentially increasing one's bad-ass factor.

• The Jak and Daxter Collection glosses up the visuals of the first three games in the series. Because the world needs Daxter's eternally flapping mouth sparkling in glorious 720p.