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But first: This is the first big holiday shopping weekend of the year. Kick it off with our Black Friday coverage, which has a ton of tips on where the sales are, which gadgets are cheap, and how the economy is doing. Or, just watch VentureBeat’s Christopher Peri explain in a short video what you need to know about Black Friday.

Now, let’s take a look at the past week’s most popular posts.

Most popular

GirlGamerOnline_1Women who play online games have more sex (Infographic)
Freelance contributor Jacob Lopez published this infographic, which is loaded with statistics about women who play online games. They actually have a life, it turns out.

Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword proves Nintendo hasn’t learned anything
Contributor Sebastian Haley’s goes in-depth with the latest Zelda game.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin gives $500,000 to help Wikipedia

It’s not just about the PageRank. Brin made a much-needed donation to help Wikipedia this week, Jolie O’Dell reports.

Apple Black Friday deals include big discounts on iPad, Macbooks and more
If you’re looking for Apple products this weekend, Devindra Hardawar has a list of the best deals for you.

 Asus Transformer Prime is the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet
Asus is planning a new tablet, Jolie O’Dell reports, and it will be the first to be running the latest version of the Android operating system.

Editor’s picks

Peter Molyneux parody account ‘Molydeux’ suspended by Twitter
Someone created a hilarious parody of videogame designer Peter Molyneux, but he (and Twitter) were not amused. Dan Crawley reports.

Want to know what Ron Conway got up to in 2011? Here’s his full list of investments
Bay Area super-angel Ron Conway has made over 70 investments so far in 2011. Jolie O’Dell pored through the list and created a set of graphs showing where he’s putting his money.

Liquid Robotics Wave Gliders start difficult ocean journey for science
Ocean-crossing robots set out on a journey across the Pacific, collecting data. Chikodi Chima brought back the story and photos.

How HiveMind’s Will Wright plans to crowdsource your happiness (interview)
Dean Takahashi’s interview with the master video game maker goes into detail on the next game he’s planning.

RiseArt introduces the fine arts world and social media with its new e-commerce website (exclusive)
Artists aren’t always the best business people, and it can be hard to get into a real-world gallery. So RiseArt hopes to provide an online alternative. Meghan Kelly has the exclusive story.

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