Thanks to the IGN Class Generator, compulsive class creation is another symptom of my body's need for Modern Warfare 3. I can't help myself but create a class for every conceivable gametype and map. Not only that, but each class must also be versatile- capable of taking advantage from point-blank to at least medium-long. I can agonize over each weapon choice- each perk for lengthy moments. And the worst part is, all off my choices will probably change once I actually play the game. However, that isn't going to stop me from sharing my plans and playstyle.

Versatility is my primary concern in Modern Warfare, and that is why Assault Rifles are my weapon of choice in almost any situation. Only maps with an utter lack of long-sight lines will see me using a SMG as my main weapon. Of course, this is from my knowledge of the last two Modern Warfares, and I've noticed in gameplay videos that many of the SMGs are accurate to a rather ridiculous distances in MW3. This might see me use more SMGs than I ever have.

The sprint wildly, flank, and spray and pray tactic so popular amongst many of the YouTube players is ridiculous. I hold it in utter contempt. Where is the fun in it? There is no tension, no intelligence, just chaos and a reliance on reflexes and latency. I can't enjoy that playstyle, but since all the people who do are easy kills, they can continue their fun and I'll continue mine.

My playstyle is most accurately described as slow and deliberate. The only time I sprint is to cross open ground to my next bit of cover; I NEVER sprint around corners. Instead, I walk about the map with my gun at the hip to keep my vision open, but when I approach a blind corner or a popular camping spot- my gun is glued to my nose. More often than not- some moron comes sprinting and bunny-hopping around the corner with their Quick-Draw Pro perk. Too bad I have my gun already up, so your .2 seconds is nothing compared to my .0. Rat-a-tat-tat, a kill for me. I didn't even have to work for it. Thanks.

The best battles are the ones when you can dodge around cover after you and your foe sight each other. Mind games come into the picture, and intelligence, instincts, and reflexive skill combine to create the exhilarating confrontations that keep me addicted to the Modern Warfare series. Go left or right? Do I have time to toss a grenade or is he sprinting towards me right now? Or is he just sitting where I saw him, waiting for me to peek out? These exhilarating moments of unpredictability have me playing game after game.

Intelligence is my other primary concern. Not for myself, but I don't want other people knowing anything about my location. Ever. I can live without having UAV- I use it, yes, but I don't trust it. There are too many people with assassin out there to think yourself safe at anytime, so I never use UAV to locate threats, only potential kills. And I understand that's pretty much how it's working from the other direction. People are hunting me- I don't like that.

So the next thing I require in all my game classes, and perhaps the thing that most limits me, is the need to get rid of UAV. There are two reliable methods for this. The first being the Assassin Perk. It's easily the most effective, and it's only a single part of your load-out. But in a bit of deviousness, the designers of Modern Warfare 3 stacked the Perk 2 slot with several delicious options: Assassin, Overkill, and Quickdraw. I know I want to take advantage of options besides Assassin, so I need to consider the other anti-UAV method.

The stinger missile launcher. A sure-fire way to take down anything in the air, and much faster than trying to pop it with bullets. But then I don't get a back-up weapon; though, my primary assault rifle is flexible enough to make that a non-issue. Still, you need to switch weapons, locate the UAV, and lock on. That means I'll be defenseless for several seconds. Not exactly ideal, especially when UAV is called in so often, but that's the price to pay for the advantages of the other Perk 2 choices.

Due to my infatuation with several Perk 2 options, I am excited for the Specialist package. I can start the match with Overkill or Quick Draw and then after 6 kills, I get Assassin. Then two kills later my Quickdraw. It will be rough to lack an anti-UAV ability for six kills, but I can always switch to an Anti-Killstreak Class to take care of it if I die. I won't be able to get fun kill streaks with the class- but in exchange I have a perfect self-contained class my playstyle, perfect for any map and any game type.

Here is an example of my versatile class for Kill-based games.

The AK47, my first focus weapon, will take care of long range and medium range. The kick attachment and hybrid sight will improve my accuracy, so I can strike down targets at any range. But to give myself the edge in CQC, I have the powerful KSG 12. The damage focus and the grip will ensure my single shot kills over those SMG sprinters that catch me face-to-face.

I want a bouncing betty to drop behind me as a sort of flank protection- allowing me to focus on the front should I ever advance down a long fire corridor. It also allows me to set up a secure sniping site in case I see a window to peek out of for a kill or two. The concussive grenades will allow me to clear rooms and attack occupied enemy positions.

For my first perk, Slight of Hand- mainly for the ability to switch between my AR and shotgun as quickly as possible- the reload time is just a bonus. Perk 2 is the Overkill perk for my two main weapons. And finally Stalker to increase my speed while I ADS. I gain more perks through the Specialist package, first steady aim to improve my shotgun's power. Then scavenger to reload my favorite weapons, and finally Assassin to protect me from the UAV.

I'm still a bit worried about trying to get a decent kill-steak while being exposed to UAV. I suppose I will just have to test it.