The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim's gotten in deep with the gamer culture lately. Tons of player-created content and media churn out almost daily, providing gems such as loads of high-five worthy mods and a brush up against the bizarre with werewolf chairs and proto-Dumbo mammoths. Consider one more niche carved: Basic cable cartoon show intros. 

In "The Elder Scrolls Adventures with the Dovahkids," independent filmmaker and child-in-a-man's-body Harry Partridge — whose geek cred reached critical mass after his initial ode to the game raked in over 7 million views on YouTube — squeezed in two of my favorite things in a 60-second synthesizer nugget: The magical nostalgia of the Elder Scrolls series and endearingly stupid 1980s cartoons plumbing the unfathomable depths of childhood morality. OK, maybe three things — that bespectacled carrot top looks like Arnold Perlstein's playboy twin.

You'll laugh, you'll reminisce, and you'll wonder why this isn't a series right this freaking second. Enjoy!