In this business, sometimes you get the news, and sometimes, the news gets you.

This week, VentureBeat staffers Jolie O’Dell and Chris Peri were saddened and disappointed by news of possible corporate wrongdoing and anti-human bias, all in the arena of mobile technology. We love these little pocket-sized gadgets so much that we end up putting up with a lot of invasion of privacy and software bugginess.

But two of our top stories this week — Siri’s anti-abortion and birth control “glitch” and Carrier IQ’s keystroke logging of 100 million-plus users — cross just about every imaginary line we could draw between what we’ll let corporations get away with for the sake of awesome tech and just plain unacceptable behavior.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to come back next week with better news, but for now, we encourage you to keep fighting the good fight by letting companies, including manufacturers and carriers, know when they’re letting you down.