The indie game sensation Minecraft may soon be immortalized with its very own LEGO sets, if developer Mojang gets its wish. Mojang has submitted a proposal for LEGO Minecraft on the Cuusoo community site, which could see the dream collaboration become a reality.

The LEGO Cuusoo project allows individuals to suggest their own Lego ideas to the community. If 10,000 supporters get behind the idea, it is then reviewed by LEGO, with the possibility of it becoming an official LEGO product, and reaching production.

There are nearly 3,000 supporters already behind the project, making it the most popular on the site, and Mojang must be hopeful that its concept will at least reach the review stage of the process. On the project description page, Mojang state that “Minecraft is about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine in the virtual world. You can build anything you imagine with LEGO bricks in the physical world. Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together.”

Minecraft was officially released on Nov. 11, but has been available to play for over two years in one form or another, and it is now sitting pretty on a Metacritic rating of 94 . With over 4 million copies of the game already sold, the chances of the LEGO project reaching the necessary 10,000 votes seems highly likely.

The LEGO Minecraft project already has a head start over other interesting LEGO Cuusoo concepts, such as ‘LEGO The Beatles’  (currently with 4 supporters), ‘LEGO DeLorean Time Machine’ (1194 supporters) and ‘LEGO Call of Duty’ (9 supporters).

If the project is successful and LEGO Minecraft hits the stores, then Mojang, along with collaborators and LEGO community members suparMacho and koalaexpert, plan to donate the 1% royalties they would earn to charity.