Cisco Cloud TrafficCisco will approach and integrate its cloud services in more cohesive manner with a new high-level framework called CloudVerse, the company announced today.

Cisco already provides many of its customers with cloud services, but as the challenges of organizations using the cloud grow, Cisco needs to evolve as well. To keep its customers in the face of mounting competition from IBM, Salesforce and cloud-focused startups, the company’s CloudVerse framework seeks to show customers how Cisco can enable companies to use public, private and hybrid cloud models.

Cisco predicted last week with its Global Cloud Index that traffic generated by cloud computing services will increase by 12-fold from 2010 to 2015. With those numbers in mind, the company is seeking to re-brand its position in the cloud and make sure potential customers know all the things Cisco can do with the cloud and how they connect.

“Until now cloud technology resided in silos, making it harder to build and manage clouds, and to interconnect multiple clouds, posing critical challenges for many organizations,” said Padmasree Warrior, Cisco senior VP of engineering and chief technology officer, in a statement. “Cisco uniquely enables the world of many clouds — connecting people, communities and organizations with a business-class cloud user experience for the next-generation Internet.”

The CloudVerse framework combines three major elements of Cisco — the Unified Data Center, Cloud Intelligent Network and Cloud Applications. With these three together, Cisco wants to “deliver a business-class cloud experience within the cloud, between clouds, and beyond the cloud to the end user.”


Each of three parts that Cisco outlines on the slide above will now include new services as well. First, the “Unified Data Center” element offers infrastructure and will let companies allocate resources within and between data centers with ease. Second, the “Cloud Intelligent Network” offers security and connects various cloud systems. Third, the “Cloud Applications” is Cisco’s SaaS umbrella that allows for collaboration with its own apps (like WebEx) and provides connections to various third-party apps.

Cisco said companies adopting the CloudVerse framework include Fujitsu, LinkedIn, Orange Business Services, Qualcomm, Telecom Italia, Telefonica S.A., Telstra, and Terremark.