If you’re based in New York and looking to launch your next big tech product soon, join me for a private feedback session on December 13 with one of the city’s most respected venture capital groups, RRE Ventures.

VentureBeat is on a world tour, going country-to-country looking for exciting products. We’re looking for great stories to write about, of course. But we’re also on the prowl to find companies we want to invite to launch at the upcoming DEMO conference, held on April 17-19 in Silicon Valley. I’ve just been to London and Istanbul, and now I’m doing the U.S.A.

This New York session will give your company a great opportunity to pitch to, and receive friendly feedback from, a few RRE partners and myself, no strings attached. Then, if it makes sense to talk about launching at DEMO, we’ll introduce you to key members of the DEMO due diligence team.

For 21 years, DEMO has proven to be an incredible launch platform for startups, fast-growth mid-sized companies, and even large-cap publicly traded companies wanting to show off their new tech products to an influential media audience.

The DEMO scholarship program, which effectively makes DEMO free for most early stage companies and many mid-sized ones, was a big success in the Fall when we introduced it. We’re keeping that program permanent. This way, we can continue to invite the very best companies bar none.

Over the years, names such as Google, Sun, Skype, Adobe, Palm, Netscape, Salesforce, E*Trade, TiVo, WebEx, Fusion-io (recently IPO’d), HP, SuccessFactors (just got bought for $3.4 billion) and many other hugely successful names in tech have launched some of their early products at DEMO. Now it’s your turn.

If you are interested in presenting your company on December 13 at the RRE offices in Manhattan, please fill out this form. If you are chosen, we will get in touch immediately to provide further details and instructions.

We look forward to seeing you in New York!