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"Star Wars: The Old Republic is looming in the very near future. It has the strange allure to bring in many people who are completely new to MMORPGs. All they’ve known about how MMOs function is probably based on WoW stereotypes and internet jokes. I will say that today’s gamers tend to be a little more educated before they begin something new, but an MMO can be a different beast entirely. I’d like to give some pointers on how a brand new MMO player can fully enjoy his or her experience with SWTOR.

SERVER TYPE: The server you choose can be very important. This will be your virtual character’s home for any amount of time depending on how you are treated and who you meet. One thing to be mindful of is the server rules. Typically, there are three basic types of server The first is PvE, which is player versus environment. In this environment you cannot be openly attacked by a member of the opposing faction unless you flag yourself, or if you go into an area that is designed for PvP. Next, there are PvP servers, which means Player versus Player. This server type is where everyone is always flagged for PvP and thus you can and will be attacked by members of the opposing faction. Finally there are the RP servers which are Role Playing servers. These servers are the same as PvE with the exception that you might run into people role-playing. I am sure you’ve heard the jokes, but do keep an open mind. It’s not what you think. In my experience I’ve had more fun on RP servers. The population tends to be more mature and a lot of times joining in on the role-play can be most entertaining. In PvE and PvP servers, you end up running into far more trolls and hardcores that may be off putting to a new player like yourself.

CLASS SELECTION: With 16 advanced classes, each with their own play style, there is a lot to choose from. Do you want to Heal, Tank, or DPS/Support? Do you want to be ranged or melee? These are questions you will have to answer yourself. The main thing in those two questions is the “do you” part. Play what YOU want to play. Don’t let others choose for you. Some think “Well, if I roll a healing class I will always be needed in groups.” This is true, but what if you end up hating being a healer? What fun is that? Even when it comes to choosing how to build your character’s class, ultimately do what you will enjoy. I will suggest reading a few faqs just to get some opinions because the more successful you are, the more fun you will no doubt have."