Mega64 does Heavy Rain

The Mega64 guys have been creating low budget gaming skits since 2004, and this Heavy Rain pastiche is one of their best. Anyone who has played the game will instantly relate to this video, and the trophy ‘ding’ towards the end is a moment of genius. Heavy Rain actually came out in 2010, but this video was released in March 2011, hence its inclusion here.

Dark Souls gets bad ass

Dark Souls has been the sleeper hit of 2011 for many gamers. Namco Bandai cleverly teamed up with The Silent Comedy, to create a trailer that perfectly blends a moody indie rock growl with the beautifully dark visuals of the game. The opening lyrics “Oh my god, please help me” couldn’t be more appropriate, for a game that has taken such delight in punishing gamers this year.

The Shock Troopers hit the Battlefield

A tribute to the mighty Battlefield series by CorridorDigital, this is an explosive expose of what happens when you run of ammo in a Battlefield game. Unfortunately my defib paddles never seem to be as accurate as the ones on display here. Regardless, this live action take on classic ‘Battlefield moments’ is definitely a winner, largely due to the sheer over-the-top insanity of it all.

Skyrim – Dovahkiin’s Day Off

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might as well be renamed ‘the game that launched a thousand memes’, given the number of, largely unintentional, laughs it has given the gaming community since release. This is one of the earliest, and funniest, Skyrim videos to have appeared on YouTube. Uploaded by zwoooooosh, it is basically a collection of baskets being placed on peoples heads. Trust me, it is funnier than it sounds.

Plants vs Zombies in real life

The PopCap game Plants vs Zombies seems intent on being released on every gaming platform around. In Germany it appears to have gone one step further, with the game apparently having been released into the real world. Luckily there is some sun around, to help in the fight against the relentless zombie menace.