We’re covering the Video Game Awards via the livestream right now as gamers eagerly await the unveiling of 13 new games.

The Spike TV VGA show has become a must-watch for game fans who want to see trailers about some big games coming out in the next year or so. Zachary Levi is the host of the show this year.

The games that will be revealed tonight include a new title from BioWare; Metal Gear Solid: Rising; Alan Wake: American Nightmare; BioShock Infinite; The Last of Us; Mass Effect 3; a new game from Epic Games; Rainbow Six: Patriots; another Amazing Spider-Man game; a new Tony Hawk game; Hitman Absolution; Darsiders II; and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

The revelations will come in the form of new trailers and screen shots. Sit back and watch with us. Mixed in with the new game reveals are the scenes from nominees for the Game of the Year, such as Portal 2 (pictured right, in a virtual representation on the VGA stage.