When even Microsoft and Google start turning to the iTunes Store in hopes of finding success, you know Apple has done something right. Microsoft has released its first-ever iOS game, Kinectimals, available now for $2.99.

Replacing the titular motion controller functionality, the mobile version of Kinectimals presumably uses the touch-screen to interact with whichever feline cub you choose as your own. I can’t confirm, however, as I’m not 10-years-old and Infinity Blade II used up the last of my iPhone’s memory.

Kinectimals joins other Microsoft game-related apps such as Halo Waypoint and a Crafting Guide for Age of Empires Online, as well as Windows Live Messenger and Xbox Live companion app. The Xbox app for iOS allows users to log into their Xbox Live accounts and see their avatars, gamerscores, and communicate with friends even if they’re away from their Xbox 360 game consoles.

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Microsoft also took the time today to release its very own SkyDrive cloud solution for iOS. SkyDrive for iOS is available in 32 languages and gives users access to files from their SkyDrive virtual folder. Photos from your iPhone and iPod touch can also be uploaded to SkyDrive at full resolution.

Most of Microsoft’s support continues to be focused on the somewhat troubled Windows 7 platform, but it’s obvious the company has chosen the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” path when it comes to their immortal rivalry with Apple. Perhaps soon we’ll see bite-sized versions of Microsoft’s other key franchises gracing our iPad screens. I’m still holding out for that Kameo: Elements of Power sequel, personally.