PopCap Games, the company responsible for casual gaming phenomena such as Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants vs. Zombies, has announced its support for the Google Chrome Web browser. The company’s first Chrome offering, simply titled “Bejeweled” — a watered-down version of the Bejeweled 3 retail experience — is now available on the Chrome web store.

The special Chrome edition uses HTML5, the new lingua franca for web apps. The game can be downloaded for free and played in standard definition for smaller laptops and high definition for PCs able to support the enhanced visuals. Two modes are included: The untimed Classic mode, and Speed mode, a variation of the Facebook version of Bejeweled Blitz.

PopCap Games has also revealed Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle are headed for the Android Market later this week. “But what of Bookworm Adventures?” you cry out. Only time will tell.

Google introduced a parade of game developers last week as it announced that its Native Client technology for running high-end games in the web browser was ready. With PopCap, a division of Electronic Arts, in the fold, Google is winning more and more support for the Chrome platform. Last week, Square Enix and a dozen other game developers launched games in the Chrome web store.