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November was a huge month for and if you had to boil down the two biggest action adventure were The Legend ofZelda Skyward Sword and Elder Scrolls V . While I didn't buy Skyrim I did pick up Skyward Sword and between me playing Zelda for 20 hours so far and listening to people talking about Skyrim as if they all work for Bethesda PR. Now in a year of great games coming out I have not noticed any two more games that people just spend countless hours telling each other their own stories of playing each game. The only big difference these two parties have is that I have yet to run into any Zelda fan wanna play or buy Skyrim or vis-versa. 

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****I want to start by saying that this piece is by no mean is telling you that you are wrong for only liking one game instead of both, I just want to show the many similarities I have noticed between fans.**** 

Something notable about both games is just the pure wealth of content in each game. In a day in age where paying $60 for a game and getting a campaign that last over 10 hours is a bit of a rarity. Now that doesn't mean those games are bad it is just that when you hear people complain about games costing as much as they do and complaining about it. Having two games come out offering over a 100 hours each if you can devote the time to both. Also with Zelda being a Wii game it only cost $50 instead of $60 which is a nice plus. 

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With both games being such massive and epic titles you will have lots to tell your friends about and discuss. Now with Skyrim things are really much more open to the player and you have many many more options on what to do, where to go, and how you get there. With Zelda being a much more focus and linear experience it is still something fans like me enjoy talking about what we thought of everything. Still Zelda has tons of collectibles and side quest to keep you busy for many hours distracting your from the fact that Zelda is STILL missing. 

This brings me to an interesting side note. While talking about both games is fun and what you have done with each side quest or mini game I personally enjoy watching and even just hear people talk about the act of playing both games. Running around in each world is something that can suck up a good portion of time itself while not boring the play. Also I would like to say THANK GOD Link can run now its about time! 

-Zelda hands down sorry Skyrim fans 

In the end Skyward Sword and Skyrim's similarities and differences make them both great games to share stories with one another as well as play for most gamers out there. So hopefully after reading this you will feel inclined to either play these games or listen to others talk about these games. With the holidays coming up it is always nice to get together and just talk to your friends new and old about games even in the cases where you might not ever plan on picking up that game (like Skyrim is in my case) and just enjoy swapping stories as well as enjoying each others company. Thank you for reading I hope you all enjoyed my post and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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