TwitchTV, the video game broadcasting community, said today it has grown to more than 12 million unique viewers a month.

The San Francisco company also said that it has more than 1,000 premium partners and that its iPhone app has been downloaded more than 80,000 times in a month.

All of that adds up to fast growth, according to the company. Back in July, it had just 8 million unique viewers.

“The tremendous growth we have experienced over the last six months is indicative of several burgeoning trends,” said Emmett Shear, chief executive of TwitchTV. “Not only are gamers elevating their interest in watching others play in a community-driven fashion, but our partners providing the content have taken streaming to new heights.”

TwitchTV wants to be the destination for top players, teams, leagues and events when it comes to game video streaming, where users watch tournaments and other programming over the web. TwitchTV launched in June and unveiled a revenue-sharing plan for top content producers. Partners now include Electronic Sports League (ESL), Day[9]TV, IGN Pro League (IPL), Major League Gaming (MLG), and North American Star League (NASL).

Sven Hoffman, managing director of ESL TV, said that TwitchTV exploded over the past year along with the popularity of eSports, where spectators watch the best pro gamers in action. The TwitchTV site has grown 11 percent a month since launching in June.