Dear duddettes and dudes buying a Vita on Saturday,

Hey English speaking gamers in Japan. I know as you think about getting that Crystal Black Playstation (Playstaion?) Vita in your hands on Saturday you are wondering which of the launch titles to get.

Maybe you will get only one. Maybe you will get ten.

Let's be honest, though. Most of them will be looked back on in a few years as titles that you weren't particularly fond of. Some may be gimmicky, some may be rushed and some may just be poor quality. There may be one or two that you enjoyed greatly, but they won't be the vast majority.

So I'm asking, no, pleading with you to consider buying less launch titles and instead purchase the digital version of Final Fantasy Type-0.

It's a really rad game. And you may have passed on it because it was released so close to the Vita's launch. I mean, who wants UMDs anymore? The UMD Passport system isn't doing anyone much of a favor.

Or maybe you said you would get it as soon as the Vita launches. Do you remember? If you forgot, please take this as your reminder.

The game is really fun. If you hated FF13, don't worry. It's nary a thing like it. If you liked FF13, first off, you are really cool. Secondly, you should still get Type-0. You'll like it. Trust me.

Instead of getting a few half-assed launch titles, treat yourself to one of the biggest surprises of the year. A solid Final Fantasy spin off title that some might say is more deserving of being a true Final Fantasy than some of the more recent numbered releases.

What makes the game so darn good?

First, it is an evolution of the fast paced battle systems found in FFX-2 and Crisis Core. It offers fourteen characters who all play a bit differently, allowing players to find characters they really enjoy.

Secondly, it really packs a punch in the story department. It offers a lot that many fans of Final Fantasy would not expect from the series, especially this day in age. Only a few hours into the game I was shocked again and again with what the developers decided to do with this game. They are pushing the boundaries of what I expect from a Final Fantasy story.

And finally, it is really just a well put together game. It has polish. It doesn't feel sloppy. It does not feel like a cheap cash in. Hard work clearly went into making this game and it should be rewarded.

Buy FF0. Play it on your Vita. Tell your friends.

You won't ((No promises!)) regret it!

Hugs and kisses,