Submitted as an April Fool’s joke for earlier this year, this original animated video by Jan Neves is a glimpse into what we all know is coming eventually anyway. First the Halo Warthog is a featured vehicle in Forza Motorsport 4, then Master Chief is a featured backup dancer in Dance Central 3. It could happen…

Jan used 3D Studio Max for the modelling and animating, Adobe Premier for audiovisual editing, and After Effects for what he refers to as “some post-production sheen.” The entire process spanned roughly three weeks at about seven hours a day. The dance animations were rendered by hand, as Jan states that he has yet to add motion capture equipment to his arsenal.

“All of the stuff in the background is pretty basic and was fairly easy to model and animate,” says Jan. “I’ve been doing 3D for about 10 years now. I was lucky enough to have the software available to me at work and just started to play with it a bit. Then I started reading some tutorial books and after a while I got proficient enough to make some basic stuff. And I haven’t stopped since!”

The Dance Central: Halo video doubles as an opportunity to test out our fancy new GamesBeat video logo, also crafted by Jan. You can find more of his creations here.