Royal WeddingPhoto website Flickr found the best photos representing 2011, and compiled them in a visual representation of what this year meant to people all over the world.

Over 70 million people use the Flickr to upload their photos, organize them and share them with friends and family. Nearly 3.5 million photos are uploaded a day. Because of the constant stream of activity, Flickr has a comprehensive view of current events from all different user perspectives. In all, Flickr hosts around 6 billion photos and videos total, and it’s growing.

In order to keep up with where all these events are taking place, Flickr introduced geo-tagging to their photo uploads, which can added manually or through its Organizr service. Geo-tagging allows you to associate a picture with a specific location, and there are entire groups and forums around how to use the data surrounding geo-tagging. So far, over 250 million photos have been tagged with a location. Google’s Flickr competitor, Picasa, also allows you to “map” photos, or add longitudes and latitudes to the picture, which will then show up for that location on Google Maps.

The group of photos shows celebrations from Egypt’s Revolution and the fall of Hosni Mubarak, to the Royal Wedding in the UK, to the beginnings of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. Check out the galley here and below.

Arab Spring via papacamera

Egyptian Revolution via sierragoddess

Space Shuttle Discovery via NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Japanese Earthquake via IFRC

Royal Wedding via The British Monarchy

Death of Osama via The White House

Joplin Tornado via Aaron Fuhrman

Vancouver via K-Rock Design

Space Shuttle Atlantis via nasa hq photo

South Sudan via babasteve

Harry Potter via ·•●❤ Ginny Le ❤●•·

Hurricane Irene via captainkickstand

9/11 Ten Year Anniversary via jasonepowell

Occupy Wall Street 1 via david_shankbone

Occupy Wall Street 2 via pweiskel08

Steve Jobs via louisemarston

World Series via Gregula

Armistice Day via The Higgs Boson