mega-man-x-iosCapcom has launched an iPhone and iPod touch port of the classic Super Nintendo game Mega Man X, but fans are complaining restlessly about the laziness of the re-release.

I fondly remember playing Mega Man X for SNES when I was younger and loved the challenge and attention to detail. The game introduced you to Zero, Mega Man’s friend, who uses an energy sword instead of an arm cannon. But as much as I want to re-live the experience, angry complaints around the web and a terrible-looking trailer (see below) are not making me download this in a hurry.

Fans are angry for good reason. First off, the game functions less smoothly than the 1993 SNES version despite the fact that the iPhone is capable of incredible 3D graphics. The game makes you load portions of each map you play through, with jarring black-screen transitions. Those in-level loading times were never required on the SNES, so it’s inexcusable to include them on the iPhone version.

The other major offense of the iOS version of MMX is the ability to purchase upgrades like “all weapons” or “all health boosts” with real money instead of making the player unlock it by completing the game the proper way. Way to cheapen the experience even more, Capcom.

You can see the whole mess in a 7-minute trailer below: