Looking to make a splash in the US smartphone market, Sony Ericsson is gearing up to release a new superphone that will outmatch Google’s flagship Galaxy Nexus.

The phone, currently referred to as the Sony Ericsson LT28at (expect a better name soon), will feature one of the most powerful smartphone cameras on the market, clocking in at 13 megapixels, reports the Xperia Blog. (Pictured right, an existing Xperia model.)

Its other specs are no joke: the LT28at is said to feature a massive 4.55-inch screen (a tenth of an inch smaller than the Galaxy Nexus) with a 720p high-definition resolution, 4G LTE support, and a 720p front-facing camera for video conferencing. The specs are a sign that next year’s round of Android smartphones will be all about big, high-resolution screens and excellent cameras, a standard set by the Galaxy Nexus.

The LT28at will likely be one of the last major releases to sport the Sony Ericsson brand. Sony recently announced that it has bought out Ericsson’s share in their joint phone venture and that it will be killing off the brand in 2012. Expect Sony to work hard over the next year to make up for the progress lost by Sony Ericsson, which took too long to develop a competitor to the iPhone.

The phone is said to be heading to AT&T later next year. We expect some sort of announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Below, check out some sample photos from the LT28at’s camera from Picasaweb.

Via Boy Genius Report