Zynga launched its first game for the Barnes & Noble Nook e-book reader today, Words With Friends.

The wildly popular Scrabble clone will debut as an app for the Nook tablet today. The move is one more attempt by Zynga to reach non-gamers on non-traditional gaming devices. Zynga wants to expand the mass market for games and the Nook is one more platform for that.

Zynga is dependent on Facebook for more than 94 percent of its revenue, and it is trying to diversify beyond that.

The Nook has more than two million digital books available. On top of Words With Friends, the Nook is also adding games such as Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Office Gamebox, RockEm SockEm Robots, Mad GAB, Magic 8 Ball, Doodle Jump Christmas, Wreck This App, Azada, Atlantis Sky Patrol, Serpent of Isis, Roll in the Hole, Spider Jack, Brick & Bubble Revolution, Tower Bloxx My City and Vegas Casino Cruise.

New York-based Barnes & Noble also said it was adding Netflix to the Nook apps.