Recently, VentureBeat’s Chikodi Chima sat down with Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late, to talk about what it really takes to be successful.

Most of us were told by our parents that if we worked hard, went to college, got good grades and treated people fairly, we’d succeed in life. However, many of us have not found this to be the case and are struggling to keep our heads above water despite following that American Dream recipe to the last pinch of determination.

On the other hand, we watch as dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg become the newest members of the Forbes lists and become the most powerful people in the world.

In this interview, Ellsberg explains a bit about the real-world rules of success — the things you don’t learn in college but that are crucial for entrepreneurs and hustlers of all stripes.

The Education of Millionaires is available on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle editions.