Recipes hoarders and cooking enthusiasts can now organize all of their recipes into grocery lists with Evernote and Say Mmm. These two web-based organization companies have come together to shopping for tonight’s dinner much easier.

By adding the “Say Mmm” tag to any note in Evernote, a shopping list will be automatically generated with quantities for each ingredient and estimated nutritional information of the recipe. Say Mmm will even categorize each ingredient for you based on grocery store sections and remind you check if you need ingredients that most people keep stocked at all times, such as flour and sugar. Each recipe with the Say Mmm tag will have its own list created, but you can easily merge multiple lists together for one shopping trip.

Say Mmm acknowledges that the list generation feature isn’t perfect and sometimes ingredients can get accidentally left out. To use the new features, all you have to do is sign into Say Mmm with your Evernote account and authorize access. Once you return to Evernote, you will see a new Say Mmm folder.

One of Evernote’s competitors, Springpad, has a similar list making feature as well. You can add ingredients to a list you’ve already created or start a new shopping list from any saved recipe. However, Springpad doesn’t categorize ingredients; every item just shows up in a list in the order it was added.