Chris Grant, Brian Crecente and Russ PittsThe media company behind technology website The Verge and sports website SB Nation has recruited some big name editors and writers for an all-new gaming web site expected to launch sometime this year.

Vox Games, as it’s temporarily being called, will be helmed by former editors-in-chief Chris Grant (Joystiq), Brian Crecente (Kotaku), and Russ Pitts (The Escapist). They will be joined by a pool of well-known, talented editors and writers from the gaming industry, including Justin and Griffin McElroy (Joystiq, My Brother, My Brother and Me), Chris Plante (, Arthur Gies (Joystiq, Rebel FM), and Russ Frushtick (MTV Multiplayer).

Grant will serve as Vox Games’ new EIC, according to a post on Griffin McElroy’s personal blog, while Crecente will be in charge of news coverage. McElroy says the new site will have “an unprecedented level of support” and is being worked on by the same web designers and developers that recently launched The Verge.

“The tech behind The Verge was one of the key reasons I decided to team up with Vox Media,” Brian Crecente wrote on his Tumblr page while explaining his departure from Kotaku after seven years. “It’s obvious that this tech can be used to create something entirely new, without borders, without the limitations of traditional blog formats. That’s vastly appealing to me.”

“I can’t overstate how excited I am to not just be partnering with this group of talented and amazing people, but to also be part of a company which is investing big time in that kind of talent, with a vision for doing things a different way,” said The Verge’s editor-in-chief, Joshua Topolsky.