Qualcomm said today that it will launch its Snapdragon GameCommand app on the Android Market on Jan. 10 at the beginning of the Consumer Electronics Show.

The app is an organizer for Android games on tablets and smartphones, and its purpose is to highlight the titles that run best on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in a mobile device. In that respect, it’s a counter to Nvidia’s Tegra Zone app launched last year to highlight games that run on Nvidia chips.

The app shows that chip makers have to fuel an ecosystem not only around their chips but around the devices that use the chips. That theoretically creates market demand for more Snapdragon chips, which serve as the brains of a mobile device.

The Snapdragon GameCommand gives mobile users a way to quickly discover, organize and access the latest mobile games. And it gives developers a chance to have their games featured in the spotlight.

The phones include more gaming news and easy access to more than 100 Snapdragon GamePack featured games. The pack includes several titles running for a short time on an exclusive basis, including Fight Game Heroes from Khaeon Gamestudio; Bunny Maze 3D from Eyelead Software and Desert Winds from Southend Interactive. Qualcomm worked with those companies to make sure their games take advantage of the graphics capabilities of the Snapdragon chips.

The app allows users to access their favorite games in one spot with one group icon, accessible via a finger swipe on a smartphone or tablet. Snapdragon GameCommand also provides gamers with a source for the latest game news.

More than 60 percent of smartphone users regularly play games on their mobile devices.