100. Coffee & Power — $1M for gamified startup jobs marketplace with virtual economy. Investors: Mitch Kapor, Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, Kevin Rose and others. Nov. 1.

101. Empire Avenue — $1M for social stock market. Investors: Crosslink Capital, iNovia Capital; BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk; Ben Narasin; TriplePoint Capital; Jeff Lapin; Kevin Swan; and Boris Wertz. Aug. 16.

102. Flare Games — $1M for location-based mobile games. Investors: Klaas Kersting. Aug. 3.

103. Gamzee — $1M for HTML5 social games. Investors: Bristol Investment Fund; Jarl Mohn, former CEO of Liberty Digital; Heiko Hubertz, CEO of Bigpoint; and Paul Bricault, a partner at Greycroft Partners. June 29.

104. Happy Cloud — $1M for online games on set-top boxes. Investors: Jesselson Capital and Miles Guilburne. Sept. 27.

105. Media Chaperone — $1M for tools for monitoring kids’ online game usage. Investors: Hyde Park Angels. Feb. 25.

106. MinoMonsters — $1M for social games. Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Yuri Milner, Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Ignition Partners, Alex Ohanian, and Raymond Tonsing. Nov. 10.

107. Playkast— $1M for gamifying video watching with rewards. Investors: angel investors. Sept. 14.

108. Pocket Change — $1M for mobile game and app monetization platform. Formerly known as Lunch Money. Investors: Google Ventures, First Round Capital, Scott Banister, Baroda Ventures, David Sacks, Mike Jones, Kamran Pourzanjani and Alan Braverman. Nov. 23.

109. Sibblingz — $1M for Spaceport cross-platform game development tools. Investors: YouWeb. April 27.

110. Overwolf — $940,000 for social games overlay. Investors: Yossi Vardi and Israeli angels. Aug. 2.

111. The MobileGamer — $819,000 for mobile games. Investors: One97 Mobility Fund. July 18.

112. Game Ventures — $620,000 for . Investors: Neoteny Lab, Infocomm Investments, Digital Garage. Nov. 28.

113. Bees and Pollen — $500,000 to help social game companies get more money out of game players. Investors: friends and family. Sept. 14.

114. GuerrillaApps — $500,000 to create socially conscious games such as Trash Tycoon. Investors: undisclosed. Sept. 6.

115. Pluto Games — $500,000 for music games for iPad. Investors: YouWeb, Dave Roux, Brett Wander, and Praful Shah. Dec. 9.

116. Ryzing — $500,000 for social games. Investors: A&I Investors. Date undisclosed.

117. Tic Tac Ti — $500,000 for game ad network. Investors: Kima ventures. July 1.

118. QuickHit — $450,000 for sports online games. Investors: New Enterprise Associates and Valhalla Partners . June 30.

119. Zipline Games — $400,000 for Moai mobile game development platform. Investors: Shane Kim and others. Aug. 8.

120. Massive Damage — $325,000 for location-based games. Investors: Grassfed Capital and angel investors. Sept. 29.

121. Mention Mobile — $250,000 for social game developer. Investors: Marc Cuban. Nov. 8.

122. Bubble Gum Interactive$200,000 [Updated: $1.3M ]for online games. Investors: Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund, Artesian Capital, Elevation Capital, Angaros, other angels, and government grants. Aug. 30.

123. Audience Entertainment — undisclosed amount for interactive entertainment in stadiums and movie theaters. Investors: Impetus Capital. May 11.

124. Diversion — undisclosed amount for social games. Investors: Tomorrow Ventures, Hearst Corp., Tornante Co., Marcy Casey, Art Bilger. July 22.

125. Edenic Games — undisclosed amount for social game maker in Spain. Investor: Caixa Capital. March 14.

126. EpicForce — undisclosed amount in Chinese mobile game maker. Investor: CyberAgent Ventures. July 6.

127. Game Closure — undisclosed amount for HTML5 cross-platform games. Investors: not disclosed. May 12.

128. Grand Cru — undisclosed amount for Finnish game developer. Investors: Lifeline Ventures. May 6.

129. Herotainment — undisclosed amount for childrens media and game company. Investors: Cuneo & Co. Nov. 30.

130. HitFox — undisclosed amount for user acquisition and monetization in games. Investors: Heiko Hubertz, Digital Pioneers N.V., Team Europe, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Hasso Plattner Ventures, Tengelmann Group and Kite Ventures. Sept. 22.

131. Honestly Now — undisclosed amount for Q&A social game. Investors: Golden Seeds. Sept. 22.

132. KreditFly — undisclosed amount for mobile payments system. Investors: Altos Ventures and ATA Ventures. Jan. 11.

133. Loki Studios — undisclosed amount for location-aware smartphone games. Investors: DCM. Oct. 21.

134. Mega Zebra — undisclosed amount for social games. Investors: Doughty Hanson and Kizoo. March 31.

135. Neonga — undisclosed amount for massively multiplayer online game publisher. Investors: Tengelmann Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds and VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin. Dec. 8.

136. OnsOn Soft — undisclosed amount for 20 percent stake in Korean online game maker. Investors: Gamigo. Nov. 10.

137. Otoy — undisclosed amount for cloud rendering platform. Investors: Autodesk. Oct. 20.

138. Pangalore — undisclosed amount for HTML5 social and mobile games. Investors: NHN. Nov. 15.

139. Play140 — undisclosed amount for text-based games on Twitter and SMS. Investors: Ojas Ventures and SOS Ventures. May 30.

140. Portalarium — undisclosed amount for social games. Investors: m8 Capital. Jan. 6.

141. Puzzazz — undisclosed amount for puzzle books for Amazon Kindle and other devices. Investors: Charles Fitzgerald, Richard Garfield, Edward Jung, Shel Kaphan and Mike Koss. June 30.

142. RRKidz — undisclosed amount for mobile versions of Reading Rainbow television show. Investors: Levar Burton (pictured right) and others. Sept. 14.

143. SoybeanSoft — undisclosed amount for Indonesian social game firm. Investors: East Ventures. Aug. 11.

144. Spil Games — undisclosed amount for online casual games. Investors: North Bridge Growth Equity. June 11.

145. Ultizen — undisclosed amount for game development and outsourcing firm in China. Investors: Gree. Aug. 11.