America! Expletive yeah!

The U.S. Army is cashing in on civilians’ enthusiasm for first-person shooters with a new line of Army-branded gaming peripherals for, ahem, “modern gaming warfare,” as the accompanying copy reads.

That’s as close as the marketers come to stating the obvious: This gear is for Modern Warfare franchise addicts. The lineup includes a three headsets, three rifle controllers and a backpack with a specially cushioned console-carrying area.

The peripherals are set to come to all major retailers soon in 2012.

The gear comes from CTA Digital, a shop specializing in gaming, mobile and camera peripherals. In the past, the company has come up with such innovative products as a blowing ball controller for bowling games and inflatable race cars for racing games such as Mario Kart.

This is the first licensing agreement the shop has done to date.

“We’re proud and honored that the Army chose to work with us.” said CTA CEO Sol Markowitz in a release. “We’re looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”

The company says the leftie- and rightie-friendly rifle controllers will be fully mapped for Dualshock features, including linking the trigger to the R1 button. One of the rifles was designed specifically with the PlayStation Move in mind. This device will allow players to match the real-world hardware with the in-game weapons by removing the scope, rear stock or muzzle as desired.

One of the Army-branded headsets features 3D sound effects as well as RCA piggyback cables, an adjustable mike boom, a 14-foot cable, mute and game/chat volume controls. CTA is also releasing two ear-budded, throat-miked headsets for cancelling redundant mic noises.

Here’s a sneak peak at the gear:

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