Want to know what to expect in the New Hampshire primary this coming week?

Here’s a nicely curated, Internet-powered playlist of links that will take you step-by-step through the Republican race to date, including info on each candidate, news items, speech videos, and cold, hard stats.

Best of all, you’ll get most of the news you probably wanted to read from reliable sources and mainstream media outlets while dodging some of the, uh, santorum you might have to wade through in a typical Google News search for information on the primary.

Check it out:

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This handy playlist comes from MentorMob, a fairly freshly minted startup based in Chicago.

The company launched its first public product just two months ago. The goal of these playlists, a company spokesperson tells us, is to “organize the best content on the web … so users can educate themselves on topics of their liking.”

For example, this New Hampshire-themed playlist was created to help web-surfing voters get all the relevant information about the Republican race as it meanders toward the upcoming primary, including data “about each candidate‚Äôs goals and platforms in an unbiased fashion — that way anyone can comprehend the event and its participants in simplest terms,” the rep concluded.

Co-founder Kris Chinosorn has said he wants MentorMob to be “the Pandora of learning.” In many ways, the product reminds us of webrings (remember the nineties?!), but with a handy navigational sidebar to keep you from falling into the bowels of the Internet.

And for use cases like this one (or for guiding students through a selection of Wikipedia articles and published research, or for any similar instance where guided curation is needed), MentorMob seems like a decent solution.

Here’s more about MentorMob from its team: