Samsung announced today that the Angry Birds franchise will come to the company’s Smart TVs in the near future. In addition, Rovio, the maker of the Angry Birds games, will provide animated Angry Birds shorts to Samsung’s Angry Birds channel for the Smart TVs.

The deal extends Angry Birds, which became a cultural phenomenon as the most downloaded mobile game in history with hundreds of millions of downloads, from the mobile realm to the emerging platform for apps on TVs. Samsung is one of many TV companies creating Internet-connected TVs that are capable of running apps, or programs developed to run on TV screens.

Smart TVs are just in their infancy, and apps may be the way to make them more popular. With the animation channel, Rovio is taking the game brand and extending it to animated shows and movies as well. Samsung made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. When Samsung officials showed an animated short of an Angry Bird character, it drew chuckles from the crowd of thousands of journalists.

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Photo by Sean Ludwig