Here’s a product for the true nerds among us who can’t go anywhere without a bunch of digital electronics. The Powerbag lets you charge all of your portable electronics inside the pockets of a satchell bag.

Dubbed the “ultimate survival gear for the digital age,” the bag was on display at the opening press reception for the Consumer Electronics Show.

The bag is the brainchild of RFA Brands, a company in Commerce Township, Mich. RFA has a number of different kinds of Powerbags, which are fitted with powerful batteries that can charge a number of mobile devices at once. You can get the Powerbag in the form of a backpack, messenger bag, sling bag, and others.

Seamlessly integrated into every Powerbag is a universal “smart-charging system,” or a rechargeable and removable battery for charge on the go capability. It charges via a universal serial bus cable and adapters that allow for the charging of iOS devices. The bag has an AC adapter that can be plugged into any wall outlet.

You can connect up to four mobile devices at a time using various connectors. The system auto-detects the type of device and sends the right amount of charge to it. The Powerbags start at $139.99 and are available at Best Buy, OfficeMax, QVC, F.Y.E., WirelessZone and