Monday CES attendees saw a choir singing tweets for Microsoft, and Tuesday they got Sesame Street’s Grover and the world-renowned dance group Jabbawockeez at Qualcomm’s CES keynote.

Grover joined a Qualcomm representative to show off the company’s Vuforia augmented reality platform, while Jabbawockeez kicked off the keynote with a tech-infused dance.

It’s not unusual for CES to become a blur of announcements, statistics, and self-congratulation — so it often comes down to surprise appearances like these to make a typically boring event memorable.

The Qualcomm rep demonstrated how Vuforia can be used with a tablet and a Sesame Street app to allows kids to interact with real-world toys in a virtual space. As you can see in the video above, props and characters come alive when viewed through Vuforia.

The company also showed off its newly produced mini-documentary series on how mobile is changing lives at its keynote — which added an emotional tone to the event.

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