Amazon released a new plug-in for the Kindle Thursday that allows you to “print” files to your e-reader.

In the past, loading files that weren’t from the Kindle e-book store has been a pain. Instapaper, a service that lets you save online articles for consumption later, was really the easiest way to do it. Existing files on your computer, however, required an annoying conversion.

The new plug-in, called Send to Kindle, offers quick file transfer to the Kindle, though it’s only available for Windows computers (bummer). It can be accessed through any Windows application that can connect to a printer, as well as through the right-click drop down menu in your Documents folder. If your file does not exist in the documents folder, you can download it by clicking on the print menu, which will now list your Kindle alongside your regular printers. Select the Kindle option and a version of your file is on its way. If you have multiple items in the documents folder that you would like to send, you can highlight all of them, right click, and select “Send to Kindle” in the drop down menu. Documents will be sent as PDFs to the Kindle.

You will also be able to archive documents in your Kindle library for easy access later. In order to install the plug-in, you must have Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Mac support is “coming soon.”

via Gizmodo