We like to have fun in the VentureBeat writers’ lounge, but we don’t think we’re having as much fun as whoever is behind Stefon’s Yelp account.

Stefon, the wildly popular Bill Hader character from Saturday Night Live, is a (likely drug-addled) club-hopping gay dream within a nightmare, and his “reviews” of fictional New York City nightclubs are a hilarious part of the show’s Weekend Update segments.

Although formulaic, the Stefon bits always surprise and entertain — in fact, it’s rare that Hader and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers can get through a Stefon sketch without breaking character and giggling behind their hands.

So when we saw “Stefon” on Yelp, we were delighted but apprehensive — could the writer of Stefon’s Yelp reviews keep up, comedically speaking, with the SNL writers?

This club has EVERYTHING. Jeffries, live-action Furbies, Jewish pole vaulters, closeted guidos and flaming straight guys making out with none other than THE Nelson Mandela!

And just when you think it’s all over, walk into the back room to be met by a gaggle of human donkeys.

What are human donkeys you ask? It’s like that thing, where you have a midget glue some big ears on, wear a Mexican blanket, and carry your stuff over their back in wicker baskets.

We think that’s a yes.

It’s Friday, and let’s be honest: you’re not going anywhere or getting anything done for the next few hours, anyhow. Might as well kill a couple minutes sniggering over Stefon… and messaging the owner of the account to write more reviews, already.

UPDATE: One of our younger reporters informs us that she has never heard of Stefon. We’re guessing SNL airs past her bedtime and are including this clip for her benefit.