appitalism-appsAppitalism, an app store tailored for all phone platforms, has made more than 300,000 free Android Market apps available for download through its service, the company revealed today.

The main purpose to use Appitalism versus traditional app stores, argues creator and CEO Simon Buckingham, is that people have all kinds of devices. By using Appitalism, you can search for every possible app, not matter if you own an iPhone, Android phone, iPad tablet, Android tablet, a Mac or a Windows-based computer.

“Appitalism is the only store that allows consumers to manage all their Android and iPhone apps centrally from one place,” Buckingham told VentureBeat. “This puts an end to fragmented app stores and segregation by platform types.”

The addition on the huge number of free apps from the Android Market is purely a play to help the company’s users because it will not make money off it. Buckingham said Apple offers partnership deals with other app stores, so those other stores can get a small referral fee. He said Google does not have a similar affiliate program yet for the Android Market, but he hopes Google will create one soon.

New York-based Appitalism’s main site was launched in September 2010 and has localized versions of the site in 51 countries around the world. Buckingham previously created the highly successful