Ryan Reynolds, SalmaHayek, DanielCraig, Angelina Jolie, EvaMendes, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Ryan Gosling, EmmaStone, Cris Evens, OliviaWilde, HughJackman, Will Smith and KateBeckinsale all have one thing in common, they look damn good.  Here’s another thing they have in common: they have a battalion of people making sure they look that way.  For us mere mortals, we have to do whatever we can. We don’t have a nutritionist or a personal trainer to make us look like a million dollars.

However, we do have options. Will we look as good as your everyday celebrity? Probably not, but we can fight the gradual decay of time and drag that gravity has on us.

I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been, I’m not ‘fit’ nor am I ‘fat.’ I guess you could call me ‘meh’.  However, after 30 minutes of Yourself Fitness: Fitness Evolved 2012, you’ll feel fat. You’ll feel each exercise do its job, and at the end of the day it is exactly what you want from a game with ‘fitness’ in the title.

The original Your Shape: Fitness Evolved had a lot of promise, but failed at making you feel comfortable during most workouts.  It was punishingly unforgiving (if you didn’t do each exercise perfectly you were screwed) and the Kinect integrations was very indicative on the issues attached to new hardware, which is to say it only kind of worked.

This year’s game, is infinitely closer to living to that promise.

The most welcome improvement is the menu system. It’s fast and responsive with very little to no lag of any kind. The Kinect has a stronger awareness of the payer, giving a more immerse, and ultimately more genuine, excises experience. The workouts are not easier but the game doesn’t punish you for only doing 12 push-ups instead of 15.

From a presentation point it has a more pleasant look than the previous title.  While still a little to Zen-like for my taste, it’s a good looking game. The backgrounds, music, and environmental effects work well and create a very ‘day at the gym/workout in the park’ feel.

It’s fair to say that in a gaming world of Achievements and Trophies, to have a title that has a legitimate reward for hours of game-play is a refreshing change of pace.  So, if you prestige Call of Duty eight times, or been stuck in World of Warcraft for a few months, give this game a try. It’s well worth it.  Your next Achievement might just be a slimmer waist and smaller ass.