Since this is my first post, I'm going to introduce you to my gaming style. I can't say that I've got a big knowledge of retro games – I've played Space Invaders and Pac-man, Sonic on the Megadrive and Super Mario 64. I've played Rayman on the PS1. Ask me about things like Metroid, Castlevania and Megaman, however, and I'll look at you blankly. 

I am also very, very picky about the games I choose to spend my time on. Why, you ask? I've got a problem. I don't get on very well with games that scare me; it doesn't take much to have me jumping in my seat. If I give you an example of how it affects me, maybe you'll understand and won't tell me to leave. 

Remember the game, Limbo? A few months ago, in lieu of something to play, I started playing this game. It's a simple premise – complete the puzzle, move forward in the game, right? Not for me. I seem to get so caught up in the creepy music and sound effects, the weird traps and the constant foreboding atmosphere that I panic, rush too quickly through puzzles and die. I then get sweaty-palms syndrome, my ability to play erodes and I rage-quit because I just can't do it!

I don't get on well with spiders at the best of times.

I don't get on well with spiders at the best of times. If they're threatening to stab me with their spindley legs as I try to run away with sweaty hands? 

Let's just say I didn't get round to finishing the game. 

So, you've seen what I don't like to do. Now, here's a list of things I can deal with doing in games:

  • I love good stories: I played Mass Effect a little while ago, and found the story rather gripping. 
  • I love building houses: I've played the Sims for years. 
  • I like running through (light-hearted) levels: As I mentioned earlier, I've played Rayman. That game happens to be one of my favourite games of all time – it's tough, it's colourful, it's got a brilliant soundtrack. Lovely. Ps. We recently bought Rayman Origins: reviews should shortly follow. 
  • I like being challenged: Brain-training on the DS is fun. 
  • SHOCK. I like killing things: I played CoD online a little while ago. As much as I don't like being killed, after 3 multiplayer matches, I didn't much mind. In fact, I really enjoyed it, and ended up playing online for three hours. 
  • Lastly, I like to hoard: Over the course of 54 hours of gameplay in Fallout: New Vegas, I had amassed an enormous personal fortune, through trading goods I found everywhere for caps. This never gets old. 

In conclusion, I want someone to develop me a game where I can be competitive and challenged, build myself a house to cram all the items I've found from running through a series of levels shooting people as I unfold a really good story I'm likely to remember. It's not too much to ask, is it? (Yes, it is.)

Does ANYBODY have an idea of a game which already exists and conforms to the above, or even elements of it?