MykonosMykonos Software sets “tar traps” to catch of cyber criminals trying to hack your Web app. The company announced a $4 million first round of funding today.

“After 20 years of leading technology companies that sell to large enterprises, I believe that Mykonos’ ability to use deception in cyber security could forever change the economics of hacking,” said investor Jeff Clarke, who serves on the board of Red Hat, in a statement.

The company’s technology, called Web Intrusion Prevention Systems, is designed to add elements to your Web application’s code that have nothing to do with the web app itself. These include different forms or server files that act as a part of the code that a hacker must work around, but in reality are just a tip-off that an attack is in progress. Having the altered code stand, not as a piece of the web app, but as a decoy is what Mykonos considers a fail-safe for fake positives.

Mykonos’ investors include founder and chairman of Paychex Tom Golisano, who led the round, founder of Ironport Scott Banister, Clover Capital founder Mike Jones, and Jeff Clarke. The company plans to use the funding to build out its engineering team and security assets, along with more sales and marketing pushes.

David Koretz founded the company in 2009, which is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif.