Have you ever been stood in front of a room of thousands of people, where you have to tell them about yourself? That's what this post feels like. Introductory posts make me feel very uncomfortable, because I'm not very interesting! Anyway, let's give this 'Meet the Mob' thing a shot. So, this is me:

I'm getting old:

In December 2011, I turned 19 years' old. It's a terrifying age, because my next birthday means I'm no longer a teenager. This means I can no longer use the excuse of skipping classes because I'm hormonal or collect enormous groups of 'friends' around me in a protective huddle (similar to the huge gatherings of 'emo kids').

I will, however, upon turning 20, continue to whinge and moan about not being able to eat McDonald's. At 20, I will also be studying in my second-year at university. 


I study English and Journalism in a university in England. I get to write articles on a range of topics, learn about media law and read lots and lots of snobbish books without any pictures in them. Boring! I don't have a job and I'm pretty poor, which makes buying video-games an extravagence I can ill afford. 


In the past, I've dabbled in singing, acting, and photography. I've been in musicals and have even co-written a show. Reading is a sport for me – I have a word-reading speed of 700wpm (words per minute). I obviously like playing games in my spare time, I like drinking… I told you before, I'm not interesting. You currently have my love for continuing to read this. 

Gavourite Fames:

That's how I used to ask my Mum if I could play on the computer when I was little. "Muuuuuum, can I play on my gavourite fame, pweeeeease?" Why do kids elongate all their words when asking a question? Anyway, I obviously mean my favourite games here. Here's a list, because I'm fond of lists:

  • Fallout: New Vegas 

I love this game because it's not too intense, and you can pick the difficulty. I like if furthermore because I know for a fact there is an area in F:NV that I will never go to: the place full of Deathclaws. Those bad boys are big, and they freak me out. It's nice to know that, in this ever-shrinking world, there is a place I will not go to. Also, you can collect a tonne of shit. That's ace.

  • Fable II

This game was great. Note, I say 'was'. I must have lost the save file to this game about 45829844 times. However, each time I lost it, I started a new one and I persisted with it. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it was just because of the dog. 

  • Rayman

I don't mean the Rayman Rabbids crap, and I certainly don't mean Rayman Origins (specifically because I haven't got around to playing it yet); I mean the original. I loved that game more than anything. The music made me happy. The sound effects made me happy. The landscapes made me happy.

Hopefully, you guys are going to make me happy, too. I look forward to meeting you all.

Ps. This made me ecstatic: