Hey kids: If you’ve got a great idea for a startup, we know a guy who’d love to help you out over the summer.

The Teens In Tech incubator started last year as a way for ambitious, bright teenagers to accelerate their business and app ideas.

This year, the Teens In Tech gang is welcoming a second class and is taking applications now.

Last summer, six teams went through the incubation process. Nine out of thirteen founding team members were still in high school, but they presented unique approaches to problems most adults couldn’t even perceive.

For the 2011 class, Teens In Tech partnered with Appcelerator; that partnership is continuing this year. Other incubator sponsors will include Microsoft, SoftLayer, Globumbus, and others.

“The 2012 Teens In Tech Incubator is an eight week, hands-on program for young entrepreneurs between the ages of 13-19 who are serious about building products,” Teens In Tech founder Daniel Brusilovsky writes in an email to VentureBeat.

“We have more than 65 industry mentors in the program to help with engineering, marketing, communications, legal, finance, business development, and many other fields.”

Would-be teen entrepreneurs can apply to the program starting today; the application window will close April 25, 2012. This year, only five teams will make the cut.

“We’re not looking for world-class companies, but instead, world-class young entrepreneurs who are serious about learning about entrepreneurship and crave real world experience,” said Brusilovsky.

Young founders at the last Teens In Tech incubator demo day

“We learned a lot of things from the first batch, but I think the biggest was how much we didn’t anticipate the technical knowledge of some of the teams,” Brusilovsky told VentureBeat.

“Instead of jumping right into design, usability and other product work, we had to take a few steps back and bring in some technical mentors to help the teams learn the basics. We lost a few weeks, but it’s something we’re definitely going to be on top on for 2012.”

The Teens In Tech founder said that the 2011 class alumni “all walked away with a lot of experience and knowledge.” Some alums are still working on their incubated projects, while others have returned to high school and academic life.