Lots of players are enjoying the release of two new multiplayer maps for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty Elite premium paid members get early access to those maps.

But some players ran into a problem. When they tried to access the maps from multiple family member profiles — even after they paid for the Call of Duty Elite subscription and for Xbox Live Gold family members — they found they were blocked.

When accessing the new “content drops,” or the Liberation and Piazza maps, the message pictured right appeared. “The item you are trying to download is subject to usage restrictions.”

It says you can access the maps on the first Xbox 360 console you downloaded it to, and access to it will be granted to all users on this first console. But apparently that latter statement wasn’t correct. Activision Blizzard is on the case.

Activision Blizzard replied, “”We understand that Elite Premium Members on Xbox Live who purchased the latest DLC Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 are unable to access that content while signed into other profiles on the same console that originally downloaded the content. This is unintentional and we will work to get an update out as soon as possible that corrects this issue and allows you to continue to enjoy the new maps.”

Thanks to GamesBeat reader Tom for pointing this out to us.