Insomniac Games chief executive Ted Price said that the developer “won’t be making any more Resistances,” during an interview with website VG247 at Southern Methodist University’s Game::Business::Law Summit.

That’s a significant change because Insomniac has made three major games in the Resistance series, all of them considered flagship games that were exclusives for the PlayStation 3. They were meant to differentiate the console and help Sony sell the platform to gamers.

Rather than focus on the saga of Earth’s demise at the hands of the Chimera, the developer is moving onto four-player co-op shooter Overstrike. Details remain sparse on that game, and Price wasn’t ready to talk about it.

Insomniac has also started a social games division called Insomniac Click. There’s no mention of what that is, either, but Price does say that “over the next couple of years, we’re going to see a huge evolution in visuals in social games … It’s thanks to improving technologies…browsers that are getting better and more powerful…development teams — core traditional game teams who are moving into that space.”

On a good note, that doesn’t mean that none of SCEA’s other houses won’t be taking on the role of developer for the Resistance series.
[Via VG247]