Divorce can get ugly. It ruins lives, traumatizes children, and confuses cats. Now, it can also destroy an Intrepid-class starship. Or at least, one man’s apartment-sized recreation of one.

Tony Alleyne began work on the ultimate geek pad when his wife left him in 1994. The 10-year process of converting his 500-square-foot flat into a painstakingly realistic replica of a Star Trek set cost approximately $150,000. Much of the futuristic furnishings were hand-crafted, and include voice-activated lights as well as a transporter room in place of a bedroom.

“I have always considered that of all the Starfleet ships, Voyager is, in terms of interior, the luxury liner of the galaxy,” Alleyne told Daily Contributor in 2009.

Unfortunately, it seems Alleyne’s wife has gotten around to filing those divorce papers, and seeing as how she owns the apartment and has been paying the mortgage since ’94, it’s all coming down.

But who cares about interpersonal drama? Look at all that cool sh*t! If Alleyne had put that effort into opening a Starfleet-themed bar, I might be willing to make a trip out to Leicester, UK to try a Mind Meld Mojito.

I’m now inspired to start my A Song of Ice and Fire apartment project, but I’ll probably get bored and quit before I even finish typing this — yep, there it goes.

via The Escapist

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