1. Crystarium
  2. Historia Crux (<–you are here)
  3. Serendipity: Casino & Chocobo Races
  4. Fragment Skills
  5. DLC: Coliseum, Omega, and beyond
  6. FAQ & Ultimate Weapons
  7. Review

Historia Crux
The Historia Crux is a menu that allows you to access all available locations and time variations throughout the game.

To open new locations, you’ll need an “artefact” (intentional typo, or bad translation?), which is a key to unlock a time gate. Most of the time, you will automatically earn the necessary artefact by completing a story objective.


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Wild Artefacts
There are also 10 Wild Artefacts to be found, each of which can be used once to open a special blue gate. Blue gates lead to optional areas that don’t necessarily tie into the main story, but should be (and will need to be, for 100% completion) visited anyway. Their locations are as follows:

  1. Bresha Ruins 005 AF: Near Chocorina, you’ll need to use Moogle Hunt to make it materialize.
  2. Bresha Ruins 300 AF: Complete the fragment mission Iridium Ring. You’ll encounter the quest giver right as you arrive the first time.
  3. Archylte Steppe: Overlooking the cliff at the far west of the map, you should see a platform down below with the artefact. Throw Mog at it.
  4. Serendipity: Sold for 10,000 Casino Coins, or 7,500 Casino Coins if you have the Bargain Hunter fragment skill). See the Serendipity page for more info.
  5. Augusta Tower 200 AF: On Floor 50, turn immediately to your left as you enter the elevator room and use Moogle Hunt on the invisible object.
  6. City of Academia 4XX AF: This one’s tricky. Roughly in the southeast portion of the map, you’ll find it in an alcove on the lower level. Requires Moogle Hunt and it blends into the wall really well.
  7. Mt. Yaschas 100 AF: Progress through the fragment missions and you’ll eventually have to solve a Time Labyrinth. The Wild Artefact will be your reward.
  8. Oerba Village 200 AF: In the northwest section of the map, near the large tree. Look for a ledge on the building overlooking the sea (before you go down any stairs). You’ll have to throw Mog at it.
  9. Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF: While riding on the largest beast’s back, you can see this floating off to one of the sides in the tunnel. Throw Mog to get it.
  10. A Dying World 700 AF: After you leave this location for the first time, return and examine the goddess statue using Moogle Hunt.

Closing Gates and Reversing Time
When you find a certain stone for each location, you can close that gate and reset the timeline to how things were before you first arrived. This will allow you to play the area all over again, including any boss fights and missions. You can imagine how lucrative this can be, if you’re willing to put in the time, of course. No fragments you had earned from the area will be lost.

Once you’re done messing around, you can open the gate again, restoring the timeline to where it was before you reversed time.