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  3. Serendipity: Casino & Chocobo Races (<–you are here)
  4. Fragment Skills
  5. DLC: Coliseum, Omega, and beyond
  6. FAQ & Ultimate Weapons
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The Serendipity is Final Fantasy XIII-2’s poor man version of the Golden Saucer. However, it does have a very important items and one major NPC, plus endless hours of frustration…

Casino Shop
At the Casino Shop, you can purchase Casino Coins (1 CC = 10 gil), redeem tickets, and purchase prizes.


Three top investment pros open up about what it takes to get your video game funded.

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Items of Interest:

  • Chaos Crystal – can be traded for Noel/Serah’s ultimate weapons (see FAQ page)
  • Just 1 gil – fragment
  • Setzer’s Dice – fragment
  • Wild Artefact – 1 of 10, opens a blue time gate
  • Ribbon – raises all resistances by 40%

All of the above items are 10,000 CC, so you’ll need to choose wisely unless you’ve hit the mega jackpot play the slots. Otherwise it would cost 500,000 gil to be able to buy everything outright.

Casino prizes can also be reduced by 25% with the Bargain Hunter fragment skill.

Unfortunately, this content is locked and will be released in a future downloadable update.

Slot Machines
Ah, the worst part of the entire game… Like all slot machines, Final Fantasy XIII-2’s require no skill whatsoever. Instead, you just holding down LB until you win big or run out of Casino Coins.

You can watch the tutorial to see how it all works, but this is very misleading since it makes it look like triple jackpots happen all the time. They don’t. I’ve left the game on playing slots for upwards of 10 hours now, and while I’ve have a decent amount of jackpots, I never really broke even, and I definitely never hit the 50K payout. I once got two jackpots during Super Victory Mode, which gave my the 10K I needed for the Chaos Crystal, but that was after hours and hours of grinding.

I recommend starting your slots session with at least 1,500 CC. This means you can grind for longer, and only costs 15,000 gil. Then just rubber band the LB on your controller and go to work, school, sleep, or write a game guide…… 1,500 CC won’t last you very long (less than an hour), so check back often to see if you’ve won or gone bust. If you lost, dashboard out and restart the game to prevent it from autosaving. You can then retry your luck with your 1,500 CC again.

1,500 CC is also a good number because if/when you enter Super Victory Mode, you’ll be betting 100 coins a turn (instead of 5!), and your wallet will decrease very rapidly.

You can also see what “mood” the machine is in by talking to the cat girl nearby. If she says, “That machine is on fire!” or “It’s like a hot summer’s day!” then you should play, otherwise exit and come back to check again. You should see a noticeable difference in how many payouts you get.

Chocobo Races
Chocobo races are not quite as epic as they were in Final Fantasy VII, but they’re at least more interesting than grinding the slot machines. Unfortunately, they also don’t pay out as well until you’ve mastered the highest tier races.

If you just want to beat all the races and collect the items for the sake of doing it, I recommend waiting till you find the Gold Chocobo in a treasure chest in A Dying World 700 AF. This is the best chocobo of all, but will require a lot of leveling (and therefore a lot of gil spent on expensive monster materials) to get it into top shape. Once you’ve leveled it to 45, you can pretty much just steamroll the competition throughout all of the races.

The Mystic
The Mystic is found in a tent from the left of the time gate when you first enter Serendipity. It’s the room with Mog in it. You’ll need to speak with her to obtain Fragment Skills. See the Fragment Skills page.