1. Crystarium
  2. Historia Crux
  3. Serendipity: Casino & Chocobo Races
  4. Fragment Skills (<–you are here)
  5. DLC: Coliseum, Omega, and beyond
  6. FAQ & Ultimate Weapons
  7. Review

Fragment Skills
Fragment Skills are 14 special abilities that can be enabled or disabled at any time. They’re essentially game modifiers and provide major advantages, especially post-game, which is where you’ll get most of them anyway.

When you have completed the prerequisites, head to the Mystic in Serendipity to claim your reward.


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Mog’s Manifestation
What: Activates Improved Moogle Throw
Where: Automatic (first trip to the Mystic)

What: Sell items to Chocolina for 10% more gil
Where: Automatic

Monster Collector
What: Increase monster crystal drop rate by 20%
Where: Collect all fragments in Vile Peaks 200 AF and Vile Peaks 10 AF

Anti-grav Jump
What: Jump and float in the air while exploring areas
Where: Automatic (after episode 5)

Bargain Hunter
What: Purchase all items for 25% less
Where: Automatic (after episode 5)

Note: Definitely get this before going on a Casino prize shopping spree.

Encounter Master
What: Increase/decrease the spawn rate of regular monsters
Where: Collect all fragments in every Yaschas Massif location

Rolling in CP
What: Doubles Crystogen points earned through battle
Where: Collect all fragments in every Yaschas Massif and Bresha Ruins location

Note: Recommended you get this as soon as possible, especially during post-game.

What: Increase the spawn rate of rare monsters
Where: Complete the Paradox Professor side quest from Academia 400 AF

Chocobo Music
What: Choose chocobo-riding music
Where: Complete the Monster Bits and Bounty Hunter fragment categories

Eye of the Goddess
What: Control the camera during cutscenes
Where: Collect all fragments in New Bodhum 003 AF, Bresha Ruins 005 AF, Yaschas Massif 10 AF, Yaschas Massif 1X AF, Oerba 200 AF, and Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF)

Note: If you make an upskirt montage, please link me in the comments. ಠ__ಠ

Mobile Mog
What: Collect all fragments in all locations of Oerba
Where: Reduces the time before Mog returns from being thrown

Field Killer
What: Insta-kills entire groups of weaker enemies
Where: Complete the Academic Reward and Great Mog Wisdom fragment categories

Clock Master
What: Increase the speed of the entire game
Where: Obtain all 160 fragments

Note: This is ideal for rapid farming and rare monster crystal hunting.

Paradox Scope
What: Unlocks alternate battles which lead to paradox endings
Where: Complete the final episode